Magsafe Macbook Boat adapter

We customize!

We worked with you to make customer magsafe Boat adapters for those who wish to have their adapter behind a patch panel along with a long magsafe extension coming from the patch panel.
The adapter that we recommend for this is the
Lind adapters.

Note: there are some DC adapter that do not work well with deep cycles batteries.

The Magsafe 2 review

Magsafe 2 review
magsafe types labled
Apple has come out with the new Magsafe called "Magsafe 2" In reality, it has actually gone through 4 revisions.  But we guess the reason why it's considered the "Magsafe 2" is because the actual magsafe tip is narrower from top to bottom and a bit wider to accommodate the slim Macbook Airs and the New Macbook Pro retina laptops. The “L” shaped Magsafe is a direct replacement for the original Magsafe and will fit ALL MacBooks, EXCEPT the Magsafe 2 can ONLY be used for the new Macbook Pro Retina and mid 2012 Macbook Air.

Other then the new size of the "Magsafe 2" there is also another minor change in the voltage output of both the 85w model and the 45w models.  
The new 85w model is actually 20v at 4.25A.  The old was 16.5 - 18.5 at 4.1A.  The New model is set at 20v constant, while the old 85W is actually 60w, but powers up to 85w if the Macbook needs it.
The Macbook Air is 14.85v at 3.05A.   The old was 14.5 at 3.1A.  Not a whole lot different there.

For those who are planning on upgrading to the new "Magsafe 2", you can probably continue using the our old car adapters, but you might come up short of you are a high CPU user. All you'd need to do is purchase the just the  "Magsafe 2" cable and plug in the car adapter that you already have from us.  Since you just got a brand new Macbook, why no purchase a new car adapter since we will be shipping our adapters with the higher voltages with the "Magsafe 2" cables?
For our existing users, please contact us before you do however, most of you have adjustable voltage adapters and it could simply mean a different voltage selection.

Until next time, Happy charging and powering your Macbook Air and Macbook Retina display on the road (Retina display is gorgeous isn't it?)!

Press Release

MCT introduces iRemote Control

iRemote Control effortlessly controls or replaces all your existing (garage,car, gate) remotes and devices, effectively reducing clutter by collapsing all your remotes into one device, the iPhone.  Installs and operational in about two minutes.

Orlando, Florida  - Sept. 21, 2012 - MCT, Inc. introduces an Indiegogo project: The iRemote Control.  The iRemoteControl is an effortless new concept where anyone without technical know-how can attach the "Magic Button" actuator to any existing device (such as garage door openers, car remotes, automatic gate openers, automatic light switches, automatic blinds, and other devices) and control it with the iPhone app.  In all likelihood, you have more than 2 remotes that are spread throughout your household, and you have to go out of your way just to get to it.  The more advanced users can further benefit, because they can direct wire into the device.  With iRemote Control, you'd have to reach no further than your iPhone or iPad.

"It's so easy to install, and coupled with the innovative iPhone app, we're set on changing the way you interface with the real world," said Mike Lee, company's founder.  It's like the photos app on the iPhone, after you take a picture of your device, you can swipe between pictures and magically control it!  What's best about it, is that you can control almost anything right from your pocket because you'll have it with you all the time.  Think about the many times you carried your iPhone with you, but nothing else.

Mike Lee hopes to get sponsor for this project ($89,250 goal) so the company can take this to production quickly.   There is also a secondary goal to get the word out and perhaps partner up with other companies that might see a fit with our device.

MCT, inc. is known for their innovations, most notably pioneering the magsafe car solutions for the Macbook computers in 2006.

For more information, contact:
Mikegyver Computer & Tech., Inc.
380 S. State Rd 434
Ste 1004 - 205
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714 

Indiegogo project: iRemoteControl

After months of development, we’re happy to introduce our Indiegogo project: the iRemoteControl! We’re excited about it! take a look here.

Adapters Reviews part 2

Ok… as have posted in a prior blog. It seems that all-in-one (adapters that have both Car input and Home input) adapters are getting harder to come by for the MacBooks.

Here is our order of preference on what we recommend now:

1) Compact Mikegyver Power Travel Kit
2) Lind Power adapters
3) Universal ALL-IN-ONE AC/DC adapter

There are no longer any name brand All-in-one adapters that will support the Macbook and Macbook pros. The only remaining is our own Universal all-in-one.

Please see our prior blog reviews on these adapters to get more details if you still happen to be able to get your hands on the older models.

The good news is that we do have name brand company (All-in-one adapters) that will support the Macbook Pro Retina’s

All-in-one Adapters

Please be advised that there does not seem to be anymore All-in-one adapters on the market from brand name companies (Kensington,iGo,Targus, & Duracell, that provides the right power for the Macbook Line of computers. Our own Universal All-in-one adapter is all that remains.

We have found adapters that will fit the new Macbook Pro Retina’s and plan on releasing those soon.

Coming Soon...

We’re kinda excited about it... Installs in less then 2 minutes...

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Illegal Magsafe 2 already?!

Recently, we were contacted by a Chinese company/person who said they sold Magsafe 2 cables at really cheap price and it was genuine Apple, therefore it's legal. We wrote back and said great! Can you send me your license terms with Apple and ship the adapters with the Apple logo exposed. We never heard back. This just proves that there are a lot of illegal activities going on out there. Just for those who don't know, when you buy Apple products from China, they are NOT sanctioned by Apple. In fact, they are illegal, What they do is painstakingly cover up the apple logo so that customs will not stop the shipment coming into the USA. The average buyer will not know that, and they just think it's part of the packaging.

We pride ourselves in being an ethical company, and wish to be there for the long haul for our customers (Btw, we can't wait to reveal our new product soon), unlike some have have been sued by Apple.

Now Available! Magsafe 2

Now Available! Magsafe 2.

Availability limited at this time.

Car adapter and Magsafe 2

Apple released Magsafe 2 today. Stay tuned. We think we’ll be first on the scene with Car adapter solutions!

USB batteries and Macbook Air


It’s been awhile since we’ve updated our blog page. Let’s just say we’re working on some new stuff. But we’ll leave that for later.

What I wanted to cover today is that I’ve noticed that their have been a good amount of emails to us asking us if it is possible to convert and USB device, (weather it be a USB charger, USB Port or battery) to charge the Macbook Air.

Short answer is it can NOT be done. The USB port is only 5Vdc and at best 2.1 Amps. That translates to only 10w. The Macbook Air is 45W. It’s like trying to put a motorcycle engine in a Car. It’s simply too weak no matter how much up converting you try throwing at it. The reason why we can up convert car power say 12v to 16v~18V for the Macbook Pro is because you have a big engine behind it, that’s only running at idle. There is plenty of power where the “engine” can step up so that converting from 12 to 16v is not a problem.

That’s why batteries are so much more expensive for the larger item it runs, it needs the extra “power” so that it’ll be able to support the drain.

Keep those emails coming,

Adapter reviews

The #1 question we get is “Which one do I buy”?

For those who are impatient, read the following.
This is our Order of preference on which model we like:

1) Duracell AC/DC all in one adapter.
2) Targus Premium Laptop charger (AC/DC)
3) Universal ALL-IN-ONE AC/DC adapter
4) Kensington All-n-one with USB port. (discontinued)
5) iGo everywhereMAX. (discontinued)
6) Targus Car and Apple Adapter kit
7) Compact Mikegyver Power Travel Kit
8) Classic Mikegyver Power travel Kit

Recently we’ve been getting a lot of question regarding Boat use, we’d recommend #7 then #6. However if you will be using in other places such as Airplane, then the order of preference above applies.

End of summary. Read on for more details.

We want to mention that there have been plenty of knock-off magsafe connectors out on the market (including Grey/Black Market parts), and since Apple has a patent on it, NO one is allowed to sell them without Apple’s license. We have already contacted Apple and they will not license to anyone. Consider your purchase from the other places if you expect to get long term customer service, especially now that Apple is cracking down on those companies with lawsuits.

How are WE doing this? We buy Genuine Apple adapters, cut the magsafe cable off the Apple Brick adapters and graft them on to any multitude of AC/DC car adapters out there, giving you more options. If you want proof that we are actually doing this, just go to our Store parts page and purchase the Apple Brick adapter (it’ll come in the original box with the original Apple adapter, original ‘Duck’ head, and original AC cable) for a nominal fee, we’ll, we’ll even put a standard 5.5mm plug on it so you can plug in the Magsafe cable into it and use is as was again!

We are the first to pioneer this Magsafe conversion, and we’ll continue to be there for you down the road.

Now on with the review...

Who said there were no car or airline adapters for the Macbooks? CLEAN linear power for your Macbooks. We are NOT using inverters.

One of the most frequent questions I get is “which adapter is the best?”

Hopefully I’ll answer that question here. If you just want something that will work, then we suggest the “Classic Mikegyver Power Travel Kit”, “Compact Mikegyver Power Travel Kit” or the Targus Car and Apple Adapter kit. However, because we have to modify the patented magsafe connector from Apple, you’ll need to disconnect the magsafe cable from Apple’s AC adapter and plug it into the Car/Airline adapter. You’ll notice that we lock it at 16v because in 97% of the cases you’ll be just fine. Also, airlines provide limited power and 16v would be the best setting, without making the airlines upset.
Other adapters on the market claim to have the added benefit of auto switching dual voltage for the MacBook Pro, but there is a strong chance that it’ll overpower the 75w Airline breaker limit. Not a good thing, especially if you need to charge and use your dead MacBook Pro upon liftoff!

The Next set of adapters that we sell are AC/DC adapters. We call them our Better/Best selection. Please make no mistake, these are NOT inverters. Most people write me asking why these are so much more expensive when they can buy a car adapter (it really is an INVERTER) at XYZ place for less.
Without getting too technical, you are essentially converting car power (DC) into household power (AC), then using the Apple adapter to convert it back to car power (DC). Now does that sound efficient? No! Is it wasteful? YES! And no, I’m not an tree hugger, I just like being efficient.
I’ve heard stories where people would run out of power in no time and, in some cases, they can’t even use their MacBook Pros since their adapter trips the inverter breaker.

These AC/DC adapters have TWO inputs. One can be used to plug into normal household power. The other, which is more important, is Car or Airline power. The Car/Airline input just modifies the DC CAR power into the SAME power as your MacBook, but at a different voltage.

Which of these AC/DC all-in-one adapters do we recommend?

1) Duracell AC/DC all in one adapter. It has a USB port that will allow charging of the iPad. Although the specs say only 3 watts, it WILL charge the iPad. This 90w adapter from Duracell has a 3 year warranty, longest of all the adapters we carry. It will allow charging from any power source such as Home, Car, Air (with empower jack). It will also allow charging of both your MacBook Pro and iPhone, iPod, and iPad at the same time. Low power cut off for this adapter is 10v, with an 18.5v high power cut off.

2) Targus Premium Laptop charger (AC/DC). (not quite all-in-one, but has its own unique design)
This is the most advanced adapter as of this writing. It’s got a super slim AC adapter and a Super small DC adapter, it’s the same size as a standard cigarette plug, but crams all the circuitry into a standard size plug to provide the proper voltage to your laptop and accessories!
But there’s a drawback. It does NOT have an empower plug, so it’ll only work in airplanes that have the standard cigarette plugs. It does NOT have a USB port on its side, but it does come with a splitter and a iPod/iPhone,/iPad charging tip, so you can charge both your MacBook Pro and i-Device at the same time. DC adapter low power shut of ~7v, with no apparent high power shut off, but label says 16v max.

3) Universal ALL-IN-ONE AC/DC adapter. It is also Mikegyver certified to be able to charge and power BOTH your MacBook Pro and your iPad at the SAME time! Not a whole lot of accessories were ready for the iPad. The built in USB port on its side also allows you to charge all your other USB accessories too.

4) Kensington All-in-one w/USB. (Now discontinued). Like the above adapters, it allows charging from any power source (home/car(with empower jack)/air), but it’s a little big. The USB port only charges the iPhone/iPod, but NOT the iPad. If you are not a iPad user, then this will charge both your MacBook Pro and iPhone/iPod without problems.

5) iGo everywhereMAX. (Now discontinued). It is now smaller, but not quite as thin as the Kensingtons, but indeed lighter and smaller then the iGo 130w everywhere. As mentioned, it has more tips for other accessories on the market.
It also comes with the Dual power accessories for your other devices (tips for those accessories sold separately). While used from DC source, the iGo Max has a safety shut off at 9v and will turn itself back on at 11v*.

6) We happen to like the Kensington K33197(US)adapters (now discontinued too) because they are slim and light. It also has a long cord and in most cases, you’ll be sitting quite far away from the power outlet on your hotel bed.
It also has an optional Y-cable so that you can power both MacBook, and some other accessories. Speaking of accessories, the Kensington does have tips for accessories such as a USB power tip, but not nearly as many as the iGo’s.
When used from a DC source, the Kensington has a low power shut off below 12v, and will require you to manually unplug and replug in the cigarette plug to reset power to the MacBook.

This model has been officially discontinued by Kensington. It is harder and harder to find for sale now, but we still like it because it is still the smallest and slimmest all-in-one adapter charger we can find anywhere in the world. We'll miss this model.

Of course if you haven’t noticed by now, ALL our adapters that come from us can come with the Magsafe cable. Links provided to respective manufacturers are for information only. They do NOT sell Magsafe cables.

Happy charging away from home!


*cut-off range also depends on amperage available.

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FREE! Cute Horn Stand case Speaker Amplifier iPhone 4s

FREE! Cute Horn Stand case Speaker Amplifier iPhone 4s on all orders over $200.00.


You MUST request this in checkout notes(clicking notes) by writing “FREE GIFT” Along with your color preference.
If we do not have your color choice, we’ll choose for you. Limited time only!

  • Silicone horn effectively enhances music and sound from your iPhone 4/4s
  • No External Power Needed
  • Holds iPhone Vertically and Horizontally
  • Additional Opening reserved for charger
  • Washable, Dirt and Scratch Resistant

More adapters! Oh My!

We’ve updated our page with a full list of adapters! We’ve even brought back our Mikegyver Classic adapter! Take a look!

New item to our Store: Lind Power adapter for Macbook Air!


Stocked by Popular Demand!

Lind known for their Quality and Durability.

Charge you Macbook Air from Home, Car, & Airlines (with empower)!

While this will work for most, Macbook Pro version available soon. Please email us!

Found here

New item to our Store: Dual USB car charger for your i-devices!


Dual USB car charger for your iPad and iPhone, or any other USB accessory.

Charge both your iPad and iPhone at the same time from your car’s cigarette socket.


New item to our store: USB to USB iPad charger


Can’t get easier than that!

Charge your iPad from your low power USB port.

Your computer or Laptop’s USB does not have enough power to charge your iPad (or any other high power accessory)? Problem solved! Now charge your iPad from your computers USB port!

Just plug this adapter in-between your USB cable and your computer.


Thank you Steve.

Limited Life time Warranty on Apple Brick adapters

Limited Life time Warranty on Apple Brick adapters, but after 3 years S&H applies.
Does not apply to Magsafe cables.

Finally on Facebook!

Check us out at:

Keeping the folks going at OutDoorhub!

Our magsafe solution keeping Outdoorhub going out in the wild for film Production!

World's Fastest and Largest storage Macbook Pro!

World's Fastest, Largest storage on the Macbook Pro by Mikegyver!

Apple - MacBook Pro - The new MacBook Pro. Huge leaps in performance.

  • 1 TB of storage
  • Raid Hybrid Hard Drives (two 500Gb Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid drives)
  • 64GB of additional Flash storage

Recently we upgraded our Macbook Pro to the new Seagate Momentus XT hybrid hard drive, it was great, we got the near speed of SSD’s and storage of Hard drives (almost). But we wanted more speed and more Storage. 500GB was not enough...

When was the last time you used your optical drive? You probably can remember except for an OS re-install, so we removed it.

The answer was a Raid Configuration with TWO Seagate Momentus XT Hybrid Drives! Put the two together and we have 1TB and AMAZING speeds! RAID + Hybrid HD = Wow!

But we didn’t stop there. While we had our Macbook Pro opened, we noticed that there’s a lot more room in there now that we don’t need the optical drive, so we decided to throw in an 64GB USB flash drive!

You now have enough room to store a backup of your OS, Documents, and even use as a RAM Disk!

Breath new life into your Macbook Pro, or even crank more speed out of Apple’s fastest Notebook.
Apple sells 512GB SSD for additional $1100.00!

Contact us if you’d like for us to “Mikegyverize” your Macbook too!
  • Includes two Seagate Momentus Hybrid drives for total of 1TB
  • Flash drive built in* (let us know if there is another USB device that you’d like to have built into your Macbook Pro)
  • Duracell AC/DC Home/Car/Airline Magsafe adapter.

* As of this writing, this will disable one USB port on your Macbook.

We'll professionally convert your Magsafe cable to ANY 3rd party solution, and we'll even extend your Magsafe warranty by one year!

OUR magsafe conversions are professionally soldered and NOT just twisted and clamped together like Hypermac’s latest solution. We even extend your Magsafe warranty by one year! When you adapt your magsafe yourself, you will be without ANY warranty! Worse yet, if done wrong you can short out your MacBook Pro!

Free Offical Genuine Apple Adapter

Unlike our some of our (current and past) competitors, we are harvesting our magsafe cables from Official Apple sources not Gray Market sources.

To prove it, you may request the above parts (Original box, AC cable, and Apple Brick) FREE when purchasing any of our All-in-one AC/DC adapters. Because you will not be using this adapter anymore (the AC/DC adapters already have this input), we will NOT be attaching a standard barrow plug on the end of this cable. We will put a standard barrow plug on the Apple AC adapter for a small fee (as of this posting for $9.95). Either of these items can be found from our Store parts page.

Bottom line, if the New Apple adapter you are purchasing is below 79.95, it’s from a Gray market source.

*Free with purchase of AC/DC All-in-one adapters ONLY (Mikegyver Power Travel Kit already includes this). Restrictions apply.

12v Car, Boat, RV Mac Mini 2010 how to...

Warning: The following steps are to be performed by those competent in soldering and electronics. The following step WILL very likely VOID your warranty. We will also take NO responsibility for any damages that you might incur.

Ok, so here’s how we did it, however we don’t like re-inventing the wheel (rather then to improve on it) we going to refer you to on disassembly first.

Please do steps 1-14, and 22. Then come back here.

After you have disassembled your Mac mini, remove the power supply and re-assemble everything like so. Reconnect the power supply on the outside of the Mac Mini.

1) Cut the positive wires, and the Negative wires. Note the Middle wire:

2) Solder Pos wires together, and solder Neg wires together.

3) Find a wire and solder to it to make leads longer:

4) Solder the other end of the wire to a Panel mount DC jack:

5) Run it to the back of the Mac Mini where the AC cable used to plug in:

6) Find a Car cig plug (we sell them) and solder it to a 2.1mm plug:

7) Here’s how it looks fully assembled.

8) Plug in to the Mac Mini and you’re done!

NOTE: We tested with operating voltages of 10v all the way up to 15vdc, however we STRONGLY recommend you use a voltage regulator such as this from

The Car cig plug and all accessories can be purchased here (scroll to bottom).

For those who don’t want to do this yourselves, write us.

12v Car, Boat, RV Mac Mini 2010!

We did it!

Modified Mac Mini 2010 using Pure 12v from your Car, Boat, RV!

BUT there is a price to pay... This will pretty much void your warranty if you bring it back in to Apple as is... It can be returned to factory state without much problems though.

Check back you’ll show you how we did it!

Let us know what you think by taking our Poll!

POLL: Car, RV, Boat adapter for the Mac Mini!

We’re taking a poll!

Because the Mac Mini has a built in power supply, we cannot simply plug in a converter like we did with the older Mac Mini’s. The older model we just swap out the external AC adapter and substitute with a PURE DC adapter. This makes it much more efficient and does not go through the crazy wasteful DC to AC to DC back and forth conversion.

The only option now without voiding your warranty is that you’d have to use an INVERTER... And as you know us, we HATE to do that.

So... We’re taking a poll. How much as you willing to pay for pure DC power source for your mac mini if it would mean modifying your Mac Mini and VOIDING the warranty?

email us

Anton Bauer Power Tap DC adapter for Mac Mini

Recently we put together an Anton Bauer Power Tap DC adapter for Mac Mini!

This user is taking advantage of his Anton Bauer Power from his camera setup to run his Mac mini from Camera batteries and accessories!!

For the photographers, and film Industry people, Bring your project to us! We can make it happen! Got a Macbook Pro or Mac Mini, and want to use your 130wh Camera battery? contact us!

Car, RV, Boat adapter for the Mac Mini!

UPDATE: Apple release new MacMinis today. This will NOT work with the New MacMini with built in power supply. Please stay tuned. Email us if you are interested.


We are offering it with 90w (seen below), 120w for the Mac Mini’s.
Contact us if you want us to custom config this with another adapter such as the Kensingtons, or iGo.

Now available from our store page

Mac Mini External Battery

UPDATE: Apple release new MacMinis today. This will NOT work with the New MacMini with built in power supply. Please stay tuned. Email us if you are interested.


New! Mac Mini External Battery

We're at it again!

World's First Mac Mini External Battery. No User mod required.

Great for those who is off the grid, our just want to run their Mac Mini more efficiently from battery.
Also makes a great Pure DC UPS. Perfect for the new Mac Mini server! Run your Mac Mini on Battery for hours!
More efficient then standard UPS Battery backups because you will not be converting from AC to DC to AC to DC!

Can run your Mac Mini for up to 6.5hrs!

Bundle this with our All-in-one adapters and power from Home, Car, or Boat! Ask us how!

Now available from our Store page (scroll to bottom)

NEW! 2nd Gen Mikegyver Home, Airline, and Car !

Introducing our Second Generation Mikegyver Power Travel Kit!

It’s white , it’s beautiful, better built, and just matches!

Low power shut off at 9V, and over voltage protection. Also WILL NOT trip airline 70w limitation if you are charging a fully depleted Macbook Pro like most other solutions on the Market!

As before we are bundling this as a kit because of Apple’s patent. This is the ONLY way anyone can do it!

Here’s our part of our description that is pulled from our 1st gen description, as almost everything else is the same.

The Mikegyver Power Travel Kit includes the Apple Adapter and a Car/Airline DC adapter with genuine Apple magsafe connector.
Important Note:
1) It WILL charge the battery in Airlines/car while you use it.
2) It IS compatible with automobile power ports & Empower ports.
3) You will maintain FULL functionality of your Apple adapter & DC car/airline adapter
4) Users will be able to use optional accessories such as external Batteries

A few options when choosing this order:
You just buy our Apple adapter and DC car/Airline adapter straight out (No exchange).


Exchange option: 1) You order conversion process. 2) We send you ONE Apple power adapter and ONE Car/Airline adapter with a converted plug with magsafe 3) You send back your old unmodified Apple power adapter with magsafe connector (As New working condition) and we refund $90.00 retainer.


User supplied option: You send us your Apple adapter first, then we send back your converted Apple adapter and the DC car/Airline adapter.

DC car/air adapter has the following specs: Input 11.5-16vdc 9.4oz Empower plug built-in. Genuine magsafe cable. Please visit our Q&A section
Available now Please go to our Store page to see sale price!
Please look for The NEW 2nd Gen Mikegyver Power Travel Kit Home, Car, and Air from our Store page.

Chargers that do not work with iPad, but ours does!

Macworld had an article about how the iPad draws more power then the iPhone & iPod.

Our adapters such as the “Mikegyver All-in-one” CHARGES both the iPad AND MACBOOK Pro AT the SAME time!!!

NEW! Mikegyver All in One Adapter with USB

Pre launch special! The World’s Largest Macbook Magsafe Car Adapter Charger, JUST got BIGGER!

This All-in-one AC/DC adapter WILL charge BOTH Macbook Pro AND iPad from the same adapter!

Our All new Mikegyver ALL-in-One AC/DC adapter Car Airline adapter.
Charge your Macbooks, and ANY USB accessory such as your iPad! All at the same time!

90w AC/DC with USB port on side.
8v under voltage cut off
5.5x1x2.75 inches
9.7 ounce
Multiple power tips for other laptops, some tips sold separately.
AC Input cord: 4 feet
DC Input cord: 2 feet
DC output cord including Magsafe cable: 5 feet
WILL NOT trip airline 70w limitation if you are charging a fully depleted Macbook Pro like most other solutions on the Market!

This is perfect for those looking for a compact sized adapter, but yet have the convenience of the USB port.
Plus you can replace your Apple adapter with this since you can plug into ANY power source!

Smaller then the Kensington 90w AC/DC adapter!

Check it out from our Store page!

Pre-Launch SALE! Available now! ONLY $149.95!

Three cable combination Magsafe extension

Magsafe combo USB, Mini-display extension for Apple display.

Here’s a recent custom mod we did for someone who wanted to extend the Mini display port, USB, and Magsafe combination.

Bring your question, and we’ll do it! email us!

New Targus announced at CES

At CES Targus announced a new line of Premium Laptop Charger

But they said they do not have tips for the Mac Laptops.... Yes we do!... right here!

We’ll be looking at adding Targus to our line up of Power adapters for the Macbook line of computers.

in the meantime, you can still purchase their adapter charger and our magsafe cables to work with the full line of Mac laptops!

Check out our guide here

100% compatible! 100% satisfaction!

As many of you know, we are the FIRST to pioneer the Magsafe DC car/Airline solution. We continue to offer the best options and prices for our users. However since we have started this conversion a number of competitors are copying us, and in particular one competitor MAY be bad mouthing our products to our potential customers. We normally do not like to enter into this arena of debate, but it does deserve mention. We’ll just say this, our customers from day one have been 100% happy with our solutions, 100% compatible with ALL Macbook line of computers, and we would not still be in business if that was not the case. We guarantee it.

Third Gen 90 deg. Magsafe cable

They’re here! The Third Gen 90 degree magsafe cable. Make sure you choose 3rd Gen magsafe cable if you are ordering.

Press release

Orlando, Florida  - October 28, 2009.  Mikegyver™ Computer & Tech, Inc.  Introduces the first external battery and all-in-one AC/DC Home/Car/Airline adapter charger combination rental program for the entire Macbook line of computers.  Where you just carry one slim adapter to charge your 130wH external battery, Macbook, MBP, Macbook Air, iPod touch, iPhone or any other USB powered device.

Geared for those who take a once-in-a-while vacation or Business trip, but not willing to pay the high cost of buying external batteries, our setup is the perfect solution.   Our setup is also geared for minimal need to carry a bunch of separate adapters to charge each of your power hungry items such as the external battery, Macbook, iPhone or other devices.

Unlike other external battery solutions, the all-in-one AC/DC adapter can both charge your external battery and Macbook laptops from any source at the same time as long as they are daisy chained together.  Highly Flexible, users can just use the AC/DC adapter to charge the Macbook line of computer alone too.

The Rental program is $70.00/week for regular users, and $140.00/week for business user who wishes to place their Ad on the battery itself for the next user to see.

Additional information can be found here:

Mikegyver continues to offer the widest selection of Car/Airline/Home adapter for your Macbooks here:

Mikegyver™ Computer & Tech was the first to pioneer the magsafe solution for the Car and Airline market back in 2006 when Apple introduced the patented Magsafe connector.  

For more information, contact:
Mikegyver™ Computer & Tech, Inc.
380 S. State Rd 434
Ste 1004 PMB 205
Altamonte Springs, FL 32714

iphone, iPod, Macbook are registered to Apple.

User submission: Mikegyver Macbook adapter used on solar unbrella trike

User submission: Our Mikegyver solution being used in a Solar umbrella charging 2 12V 18A batteries, powering my handmade 6 channel speaker, laptop and usb audio interface - all installed in a cargo trike!  True mobile audio.

Now that's gyverism!

Macbook External battery

Did you know?

Unlike other soutions, Instead of needing ONE adapter to charge your External battery, ANOTHER AC adapter for your Macbook and ANOTHER DC adapter for Car (that's THREE adapters you must carry with you on a long trip), We USE ONE small slim adapter to Power and Charge ALL your accessories at the SAME time!

Macbook external batteries

Our external batteries are universal and our adapters are universal
meaning that you can plug almost ANY device in not just Macbooks.

Our Adapters can also charge the EXTERNAL battery from The CAR

We can be charge the external battery from ANY source such as DC power and when you are away home. We use PURE DC power, no Inverters!

See our

Magsafe cable extension

Here is it is... Magsafe cable extension, perfect for those who wants to extend the Magsafe power cord on your Apple LCD display or simply extending your Magsafe cord.

Our first prototype shown.

You may pre-0rder from our Store page down in accessories section.

Truly the Worlds First Macbook DC car adapter

Well, we have yet another seller who is copying what we are doing. They are the “World first and only”... We have to chuckle at that, because if you google our history and various blogs, we’re truly the Worlds First.

Welcome to the game!

Here are some write ups we’ve had since being Truly the worlds first Macbook Car adapter.

SvenOnTech's review!

This excellent article give you the amount of power you save using our adapter vs. an inverter.

Our recent article we wrote in MacCompanion

Apple adapter magsafe cord mod

Continuing our tradition of moding stuff, we had a user that wanted to put up to 25’ of cable on a 60w Apple adapter with the 90 deg. magsafe connector! Yes, you read right, 25’ on 60w (Macbook adapter) with Macbook Air magsafe tip.

* There was a disclaimer to this mod though... The user will have to take full responsibility for it...
** The Macbook Air magsafe tip will not work with all Macbook models, especially the older Macbook pre unibody models.

Mentioned again at MacGeekGab!


We’ve been mentioned again at MacGeekGab!


Tip and Cable guide

We’ve added a new page for those who wants to use their existing adapters.

Check it out here

XLR connector adapter with Magsafe

We recently received a request for putting on XLR connector on our magsafe adapter for the location film recording industry.

Here is what we did.

Bring your custom build configs on ANY adapters to us!! email us!

New Macbook 17" & it's battery

Apple released their new Macbook Pro 17” with SEALED battery. We expect our adapters and external batteries to continue to work with the new Macbook Pro.

Your BEST source for upgrading your Apple adapter and external batteries!

New Macbooks and adapters

Apple released new Macbooks today. It appears from here that they are still using the same magsafe design:

In all likelihood, it’ll still work just the same with our adapters/conversion.