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Macbook External battery

Did you know?

Unlike other soutions, Instead of needing ONE adapter to charge your External battery, ANOTHER AC adapter for your Macbook and ANOTHER DC adapter for Car (that's THREE adapters you must carry with you on a long trip), We USE ONE small slim adapter to Power and Charge ALL your accessories at the SAME time!

Macbook external batteries

Our external batteries are universal and our adapters are universal
meaning that you can plug almost ANY device in not just Macbooks.

Our Adapters can also charge the EXTERNAL battery from The CAR

We can be charge the external battery from ANY source such as DC power and when you are away home. We use PURE DC power, no Inverters!

See our

Truly the Worlds First Macbook DC car adapter

Well, we have yet another seller who is copying what we are doing. They are the “World first and only”... We have to chuckle at that, because if you google our history and various blogs, we’re truly the Worlds First.

Welcome to the game!

Here are some write ups we’ve had since being Truly the worlds first Macbook Car adapter.

SvenOnTech's review!

This excellent article give you the amount of power you save using our adapter vs. an inverter.

Our recent article we wrote in MacCompanion

Another seller

We are getting emails who have purchased setups from another seller that is doing what we are doing.

Let me say this... we have spent time and effort making sure that you have the right setup for your Macbook. The other seller has only copied us and does NOT have the technical background on why or how. Just that it looks just like what we are doing.

Before you consider purchasing from the other seller, understand that he does not offer the technical support that we do, and he does not offer the warranty that we do.

We'd be glad to have you as our customer, as we've said our customers are our number on priority. However, if you are having problems with a purchase from the other seller, and now coming to us, please understand that we cannot help you if your setup does not work to your expectations.

Thank you,

Moding your own magsafe adapter.

updated 03-29-2008:

There is another website that called us "exploitive" in charging for something that should be free and called Apple "...negligence can be read as cluelessness or as arrogance" as well.

Unfortunately, we have a business to run and time is precious, and the world is not free to us. We have to pay to keep our business up, where the other website is hosted free to him. Companies survive on being the first and that enables Apple to come up with great products like the recent iPhone. If Apple or other companies in general release things for free with no protection, we'd never have Apple and Innovative products we have today. There'd be no incentive to be the best.

Also, we actually describe how one might modify their own Apple magsafe connector when Apple first release the magsafe connector in our blog, but we had a customer that actually paid us $20.00 up front for us to write the manual, so it would not be fair for us to give it out free right after he'd paid us.

We've considered offering our manual straight out for free too (we actually did for a short while), but it almost appears the other site lifted all the info right down to the same connectors that we used from our manual... We have hundreds of happy users currently using our solutions and our customer are our number one priority at this time. Please don't get us wrong, we reply to questions sometimes within the minute (I love the iPhone), but we get questions that are quite frankly scary especially after warnings to NOT to do a certain thing in our manual, but they've done it and come to us asking why... Please note, the other site had some wrong information on it (he has since corrected it), which might we why we had the strange questions that we got.

Mike Lee