Your only source for Microsoft Surface Pro3, Surface 2, Pro, and RT batteries and Car adapters.

100% Genuine Surface Pro 3 Cables from Microsoft backed by a 2-year Warranty*!

Need more time out of your Surface tablet but don’t want the inefficiencies of an Inverter? Extend it with either the Car adapter for both the Pro and RT tablets, or with our external batteries!

The Car adapter will both charge and power your tablet while in the car, while the external battery will extend your run time for hours (even days) away from any power source.

All Surface batteries, car adapters, and cables include 1 year warranty (unless otherwise mentioned).

We also carry a Professional line of Lind Surface pro adapters that takes 12-32vdc input!

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Most items final assembly and testing here in USA.

*2 Year warranty on Microsoft items only.

Organizations using our MS solutions:

Florida counties
Major Food producers
Computer IT support
Energy systems
Official Fleet vehicles
Film Productions