We were very surprised that such a nice bike does not have an simple solution for a radio! Sure there are setups out there, but they install the speakers into the right and left glove compartments. We wanted to keep the compartments!
We finally came up with a solution that will allow us to have the radio and also keep the glove compartments!
Our Do-it-yourself installation will include all the instructions (including pictures) you need to install your radio, we will tell you exactly where to get your radio, what you need, and how to make your own parts.

The DIY does not permantly modify your suzuki burgman 650 what-so-ever!

Incase you are wondering, that's just the radio control on the handlebar. The actual radio is in the trunk.The radio does have input for other accessories such as the iPod. Also, the sound comes from the vents under the mirror(under the mirror when folded). The vents are not blocked, the speakers are mounted inside where the theory is that when you are travelling, the wind helps carry the sound towards you.

Cost of part including radio is approx $140-$150.00 and it'll take about 2 hours to install.
You will get instructions to download the DIY manual from online.

(scroll down to gyver manuals)