Mikegyver Ultimate Battery.

Now Power Anything!

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100% Genuine Magsafe 2
L Shaped Magsafe
and the New Macbook with USB-C!

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Get up to 2-4 times extra with Macbooks*

Microsoft Surface Pro 3
Surface Pro & RT

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Get up to 4-8 times the life out of your Microsoft Surface Pro

And More!

The Mikegyver Ultimate Battery is also capable of:
  • • Charging two iPads or Tablets from USB ports at same time
  • • Power your Drobo Mini
  • • Recharging Dead car batteries
  • • Wireless hotspots
  • • Camera and Video Equipments
  • • Multiple tips for other accessories
  • • Can't find it anywhere else? We'll Mikegyver it for you!

Dell Fast charge cable

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Not to be confused with other standard USB cables, our fast charge cable for the Dell will be sure to top off your Dell tablet in no time!

We also provide pure DC power to the following devices!

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So you have an Apple TV in your car or RV, but using a inverter? Save your battery and convert to PURE DC power

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Have us convert your Mac Mini to be used in Boat, Car, RV, Trucks.

Who we are
Since 2006, we were the first in the world to provide pure DC car power to your MacBooks, today we provide even more pure DC power to all your devices. Throw away your inverter which are inefficient and prolong the life of your stuff. Put more green in your pocket by converting to pure DC power. We also provide battery solutions for your devices not found elsewhere. Our solutions are used all over the world including Federal and local governments (Including Fleet vehicles), Airlines, Food producers, Energy Systems, and Film Industries. Our customer service is second to none.
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Macbook car charger.
, External batteries. We are the ONLY clean Multi-voltage solution with the most options for you Macbooks AND USB iPhone accessories!. Just carry ONE adapter! No need to carry multitude of adapters on long trip.
Our adapters can charge your Macbook pro and External batteries from Car and home, not just AC, Kensington & iGO Magsafe AC/DC car / airline / boat charger adapter for Macbook Pro
Your number 1 source for Car / Airline adapters, & External batteries for your Macbook Pro, Macbook, and Macbook Air!
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