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MCT:Mikegyver Macbook Pro Touchbar USB-C Car Adapter Charger & External Batteries

MCT:Mikegyver Macbook Pro Touchbar USB-C Car Adapter Charger & External Batteries

Charge your ALL your Large USB-C devices (ie. Macbook Pro "15 touchbar) at FULL Speed from External Batteries and Cars!


Apple TV 4K in Car, RV, Truck, Boat
Apple TV

Apple TV 4K in Car, RV, Truck, Boat

Use your Apple TV 4K from a DC power Source.

Starting from $225.95

We Engineer Alternative Efficient Power Sources for your Devices.

We provide alternative efficient power solutions to devices such as Laptops, Tablets, and Apple TVs. They are powered directly from pure DC sources such as Batteries, Cars, Boats, RV’s, Airlines, Firetrucks, Ambulances, and Solar without need for inverters.
We don't believe in using inverters as they are inefficient, noisy (if you are in the A/V world), can sometimes just be dangerous!

Our solutions are used all over the world by clients such as Federal and local governments (Including Fleet vehicles), Airlines, Food producers, Energy Systems, and Film Industries.

Get 25% discount off our "Platinum" color batteries items use code "25BATTDISC".
*Restrictions apply. One per customer per order. Limited time, until supplies last. Other restrictions, Email us.

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Macbook USB Type C

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Some Feedback from our Clients

Dear Folks at Mikegyver,

I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with your customer service. I got my
battery pack well ahead of the time that I asked for and I got the piece I forgot to order
before I left for China. I tested your product a week and a half before I left for China and
was very impressed by it.

When I was in Dallas after leaving Indianapolis I had a nine hour delay on my flight. While
everyone else was scrambling to find a plug to change their devices, I was stress free with
my Mikegyver changing my Surface Pro 3 and my IPhone and even my Ipod. When arrived in
Shanghai, I still had enough charge to power my Iphone as I did not want to look through my
luggage to find an adapter.

However, when I left for Shunde the Chinese authorities took my Mikegyver away. They said it
was because it did not have a product label on it. I suspect is it because they saw how great
it was and wanted to steal it.

I will eventually buy another Mikegyver, but not while I am in China. I just wanted to say
thank you for your customer service and your great product, even though it was taken away I
thoroughly enjoyed the product.

I know it's too soon to give my official review before I've had a chance to put it through the ringer (so don't post this haha). But MAAAAAN!!! This is NOT what I expected at all!

First off, your shipping said 1 to 2 weeks. It got here in under a week!

Secondly, I was expecting it to look "Mikegyver"-ish. Arriving in just a postage bag with tons of wrapping around it. Shoddy casing with exposed parts. .. Was I shocked when it not only came in a Brand value holder but a professional grade housing case!

And the grand finale! The battery itself. WOW! Sleek, form-fitting, glossy and already powered at 77%. I threw it at my Surface Pro 3 immediately (still letting it charge now).

All I can say is, if this functions as well as the shipping, packaging and design experience has been. Expect another order from me and MANY more people to hear about this. You've outdone yourself here lad and should be proud of the great work you've accomplished. You'll hear my real thoughts in a couple weeks but thus far. TWO THUMBS WAY UP!

William Network Administrator

Thanks for you email informing me about my order. I appreciate it. I have received the package yesterday and all works perfectly. Thanks for the sticker informing me about the surface voltage output. Great packaging design and more connections I actually need. Great service thanks.

Many thanks,
Hi Mikegyver!

Thanks for your generous refund! It's incredible that you included your postage cost for the replacement unit in the refund!!! You are an amazing businessman with a great product, and a pleasure to do business with.
I would be thrilled to endorse your fine customer service, if that'd ever help you! All the best!
Wow! Thank you for noticing that. We only want it ONCE, and it should be shipped to xxxx
THANK YOU for catching that mistake!
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MCT:Mikegyver Macbook Pro Touchbar USB-C Car Adapter Charger & External Batteries

MCT:Mikegyver Macbook Pro Touchbar USB-C Car Adapter Charger & External Batteries

Charge your ALL your Large USB-C devices (ie. Macbook Pro "15 touchbar) at FULL Speed from External Batteries and Cars!


100w Solar Panel with External Battery
100w Solar Panel

100w Solar Panel with External Battery

Stay powered in the Sun with 100 watts of power! Hurricane Survival Kit!

Starting from $479.99

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